Zekeh Gbotokuma - Author

DR. ZEKEH S. GBOTOKUMA is Congolese American, Associate Professor of Philosophy and former Director of the Center for Global Studies at Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland (USA). During his twelve-year stay in Europe, he earned a doctorate in Philosophy from Gregorian University, a B.A. in Theology from the Pontifical Urban University, a Diploma in International Studies from the Italian Society for International Organization, all in Rome. He also earned foreign language Diplomas and Certificates from St. Luke's Priory School in Wincanton, England; Goethe Institute Boppard am Rhein, Germany; Institut d'Etudes Francaises de Touraine, Tours, France; and Yale University's PIER African Studies, New Haven, CT, USA. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he has lived and/or studied, worked, and traveled in Africa, Europe, North America, the Caribbean, and Asia. Literate in Latin, Dr. Gbotokuma is multilingual and the founding President of Polyglots in Action for Diversity, Inc. (PAD). His publications include, among others, GLOBAL SAFARI: Checking In and Checking Out in Pursuit of World Wisdoms, the American Dream, and Cosmocitizenship (Memoir). Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015, 715 pages. http://www.cambridgescholars.com/global-safari

OBAMAENON (2011); Cesaire, Cesairologie et l'Humanisme Universel (2007); A PAN-AFRICAN ENCYCLOPEDIA (2003)DIZIONARIO ITALIANO-LINGALA/LINGALA-ITALIANO (1990), etc. Dr. Gbotokuma is the recipient of The Dr. Sandye Jean McIntyre II International Award 2008 for demonstrating "extraordinary commitment to global learning and international understanding at Morgan State University."

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